French contemporary artist Joëlle Kem Lika will show some of her work in the buildings of the French Senat in Paris (July 31 – August 11) simultaneously with her show at the Art Fusion Galleries in Miami (July 1st – September 16), She will be exhibiting several pieces representing her recent line of work, expressing “the vibration of life in the matter”. Visitors will see contemporary styled flowers, women in their beauty and strength surfing on the wave of life, and abstracts inspired by skies.

Joëlle Kem Lika draws from her artist’s palette to demonstrate her love of Life, of Creation, its force, its orgasmic energy… Like a primordial cry, a vital breath, that express the beauty, the Harmony, the sensuality of Nature. Where the figurative or abstract shapes, uncluttered or detailed, become movement, emotions of joy, of peace…

Acrylic, watercolours, Indian or coloured inks, she has chosen techniques that are instantaneous, explosions of energy, that dry quickly, demand a steady rhythm, a subtle play between mastery and letting go, the intention and the surprise.

Joëlle Kem Lika is being represented by galleries in France and abroad : New York, London, Rome, Miami.
She has created three galleries “La LiLa” in France : Paris, Burgundy (near Chablis) and Aquitaine (by the Atlantic Ocean).
Orangerie du Sénat – Jardin du Luxembourg – 75006 Paris
Access gate “Férou” (19 bis rue de Vaugirard)
11am – 8pm
Opening reception on Thursday August 1st : 5pm

Joëlle Kem Lika
JKL Créations
Paris – Lacanau Océan – Sainte Vertu sur Serein
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Press contact : Eléanor Lika
+33 (0)1 7557 6117
+33 (0)6 8084 2343

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