Agapanthes 10

Ink on paper
48 x 34 cm
95€ – unframed

Cluster, ear, umbel, capitulum, cyme, thyrse, botryoïde, cicinnus,
dichasoïde, anthèle, pollen cone, sycone… involucre, involucelle…
this simple enumeration… already a poem in itself… mixture of known
and unknown words, expected and unexpected tones…
We lose our marks, we think we can hold on, and yet it escapes us, we
believe to be lost and we find ourselves…
I have planted Agapanthuses in my garden and I adored contemplating
them, all summer long… and to paint them… I like the subtle colors,
the dark purple blue…
This “flower of Love” (as it was called in ancient Greece) as a firework
of stalks, blooms in graceful inflorescences, in umbels.
In flor an’ sense…. in flor essence…
An elegant figure… I create and enjoy myself, I play with this
figuratif art.