Joëlle Kem Lika


Artist statement

To look… to feel…
to manifest my love of Nature, its strength, its orgasmic energy, that gives birth to, and expresses itself in an infinite variation of shapes,
flowers, light of the skies…
I feel a source, a Life pulse, ceaselessly renewed, always present, in me, and in all things alive : I admire the fragile flower, so determined, that grows on concrete, in spite of everything…
My “finite” painting opens to the Infinite.
Where the figurative or abstract shapes, uncluttered or detailed, become movement, vibrations, emotions of joy, of peace…
Acrylic, watercolours, Indian or coloured inks, I have chosen techniques that are instantaneous, explosions of energy, that dry quickly, demand a steady rhythm, a subtle play between mastery and letting go, the intention and the surprise.
To grasp the essence of this Life pulse… ancestral and yet so contemporary… primal scream… vital breath.. I am dazzled by its beauty and harmony.
Explosion of the sun set
Explosion of the bouquet
Explosion of the ocean
Explosion of the colours
I love the initial power of a “big bang” of lively colours.


I was born in March 1955, by the Mediterranean sea. Early years… memories of blues… the ochre of the earth, the smell of bougainvilleas, the bright colors of the flowers… a childhood and adolescence by the Atlantic Ocean, in Lacanau Océan near Bordeaux, where I picked up my love and inspiration of the ocean, the forests…
The appeasing wild that I already liked to draw.

At age 20, I moved to Paris and went to art school : Atelier Albers for two years… Simultaneously I discovered psychology, that became a passion as well… When I was 28 I deciced to become a psychotherapist and created a practice in the heart of Paris, the Marais district, until June 2006.
I have continued to draw and to paint all these 25 years… and studied with several painters, participating in numerous training classes.

At age 40, a country home in Burgundy near Chablis allowed me to go back to art school : Beaux Arts in Auxerre… Ten years of sheer joy… painting in the countryside, the waterlilies on our local river Serein…

In 2000, I have decorated my practice, 700m2 in the heart of Paris, with paintings of very very big poppies. It was a great success… : I got my first proposal for an exhibition in Paris.

I ended my psychotherapist career in 2006, I was 51 years old… and wanted to start a new life as a painter.

I participated in the 2012 Art en Capital – Grand Palais, Champs Elysées. The next month I was in New York.

After exhibiting in various places in France since 2000, I have opened my own galleries :
In 2007 in Sainte Vertu sur Serein, Burgundy, near Chablis
In 2009 by the Atlantic Ocean in Lacanau, Aquitaine : a studio
2010 to 2017 in the heart of Paris… near Les Halles and the bustling Montorgueil street, high Marais district

I am being represented by art galleries worldwide, Miami, New York, Houston, Shanghaï, Beijing, Seoul, Rome, London, Berlin…
and online art galleries : Saatchi Art, based in Los Angeles, Artsper and Singulart both based in Paris.

My paint style

Painting the Pulse of Life

I have called my series of bouquets “Big Bang”. I love the idea that
each flower, each butterfly, repeats this initial explosion.
I love the idea that their apparent fragility can bear the intensity of
such an explosion of energy.
I love the idea that this energy meets ours, echoes it.
I love the idea that, in a metaphoric way, it reminds us of
our human condition : fragile and yet powerful.
I love the idea that a fragile flower reminds us of our “appetite of life”.
I love the idea that a flower, as simple and wild as a poppy,
calls us to elegance and our desire to live.
I love the idea that every one feels this Pulse of Life inside,
that they have been carrying and have been responsible for
ever since their first breath.
I love the idea that my painting may contribute to feeling beautiful,
strong, determined and confident.
I love the idea that contemplating my flowers can be pleasant,
sometimes appeasing, sometimes stimulating.
I love that my belief in the Pulse of Life meets yours.
I love the idea that every one seeks to express this pulse of life
in as many billions of ways, projects, cultures, as there are humans.
I love life…



Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, February
Houston, Texas, French Consulate March - May
Houston, Texas, Official Opening of the Texas French Culture Festival March
Paris, Remix, Live painting April
Washington, D.C., Ambassade de France May
Houston, Texas, British Consulate June - September
Houston, Texas, TFAA, Houston Design Center June
Paris, private party, Live painting June
Shangaï, Chine, 23rd China International Furniture Expo, curator Loop75 September
Burgundy, France, Ar'n Jazz festival, Live painting September
Houston, Texas, Children's Assessment Center November


Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries January - March
Paris, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Orgasmes solaires » January - March
Burgundy, France, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Bruissements charnels » January - April
Paris, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Clouds » March - May
Burgundy, France, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Clouds » May - September
Paris, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Luminescences » May - July
Events in my galleries : Festival Art ‘n Spring, Salsa et musiques latines >> May
Berlin, Fellini Gallery, « Liberating the female spirit » July - October
Paris, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Blue Jungle » September - November
Burgundy, France, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Luminescences » September - December
Events in my galleries : Festival Art ‘n Jazz >> September
Events in mya galleries : concert, Stan Noubard Pacha, guitare blues >> October
Paris, Joëlle Kem Lika Galleries, « Planet Power » November - December


Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries, « Polychromatic Visions » January - March
London, Art Biennale 2015 January
Seoul, South Corea, BDMC Gallery February - March
Chablis, Galerie de William Fèvre, « Mes Nymphéas » February - July
Beijing, China, BDMC Gallery March
Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries, « Beyond Reflections » April - June
Pesaro, Italy, Alexander Museum Palace May - June
Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries, « Passion and Allure » July - September
Chianciano, Toscane, Art Biennale, Museo d’Arte September
Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries, « Fusion XII – Infused » October - December


Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries Permanent exhibition
Seoul, South Corea, Gangnam, galerie BDMC March - May
London, Knightsbridge, Exclusive exhibition April
Monaco, Grimaldi forum, Art Monaco April
Seoul, South Corea, National Assembly June
Chablis, Galerie de William Fèvre July - December
New York, Chelsea, Agora Gallery October
Art Basel Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries December


Miami, Wynwood, Art Fusion Galleries Permanent exhibition
London, Parallax art fair February
New York, Chelsea, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery March - April
Lecce, Italy, Art Woman March - April
Lacanau Océan, Solo exhibition March - April
Beijing, China, Art Beijing April - May
Aix en Provence, Sm’Art Aix May
Rome, Italy, Palazzo del Vaticano, Galleria della Pigna May
Paris 7e, Galerie Mona Lisa May - June
Paris 6e, Orangerie du Sénat, Jardin du Luxembourg July - August
Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy, Biennale Museo d’Arte September
Coulanges, Solo exhibition September - October
Lacanau Océan, Solo exhibition October
Vienna, Austria, Vienna Showcase October
New York, Chelsea, Agora Gallery October - November
Mulhouse, Salon art3f November
Paris 8e, Grand Palais, Art en Capital, Champs Elysées December
Miami, Art Basel, Art Fusion Gallery, Wynwood December
London, Lights in the winter, La Galleria Pall Mall, Royal Opera Arcade December


New York, Broadway Gallery December
Paris, Art en capital, Grand Palais, Champs Elysées November