Flamboyant 3

Acrylic on linen canvas
146 x 114 cm

I was having a nap under a poinciana in Miami when the idea came to me to create an exhibition to be looked at lying down… and to find one self in a Florida atmosphere… a festival of colors… flamboyant… warm… a real ray of sun shine… The temperature rises and warms our hearts…
Summer lights, joy of life, and beauty of the trees, and flowers… I was sensitive to the luxuriance of those red, orange and pink flower bouquets… an abundance of beautiful flowers, exotic and lively colored.
A small gift, bright and very much alive.

Technique : framing chosen to create the feeling that we are under a tree. Paintings made folding the canvas, matter effects created with knives and brushes… Water colored acrylic, or superpositioned layers…