Nympheas, 26

60 x 120 cm
Acrylic on linen canvas



When picking up on Claude Monet’s white water lily theme, I had no intention to “reproduce”.
Our perception, our vision, no longer have the innocence, if there ever was, that we could attribute to representational art and to its so-called resemblance with reality.

I like the vibration created by the tension between figurative and abstract.
Absence of a well defined frame, indistinctness of the horizon, floating focal point.
Abstraction allows me to open a gate towards the imaginary…
Are we in a swamp, a blue jungle, by a river or a lake… under trees… ?
To parody Magritte I could say
My flowers aren’t flowers…
Their petals aren’t petals…
My swamps aren’t swamps…
And yet…