Skies 8

Acrylic on linen canvas
80 x 110 cm

This artwork is part of a diptych : Skies 8 and Skies 9
Can be sold separately

To me a sunset is a moment of grace, a moment of meditation… and sharing: I am touched by this moment shared with others,
unknown, silent in front of the sight, respectful in front of so much beauty, daring in colors, Nature, Life… never reasonable.

It is a work of abstract art, ephemeral, constantly renewed… by the movements of the clouds, the sun… colors,
a moment of peace that poses me, and makes me fall into the Infinite… touches me deep down.
Tirelessly evoking the beauty of Nature, my main source of inspiration, it nourishes, not only the body,
but also provides healing, a rediscovered unity.

My way in painting??? an alarm cry?? or a luminous breath? A cry of joy?
To transmit in Matter, Life, the vibrations of Life, and Life is Love: the sun, the moon, the ocean, the forests, the flowers…
Nature is an offering of love, of essential beauty.

Through my painting I wish to transmit this beauty, this moment of grace, this power of Life, an emotion of joy, a feeling of deep peace
Love in matter, reconsidering love in matter, the power of the vibrations of life… it helps me to sweep away all that is not alive,
helps me to connect inwardly, gives meaning to my life on Earth.

What is the meaning I want to give to my passage on this planet?
To transmit this vibration and power of Life.