The big wave

Acrylic on linen canvas
110  x 200 cm

… The ocean splashes us with its energy… with its strength, with its life… On the lip of the wave… immaculate foam… and when the lip closes, the ultimate wave breaks in a white foam spurt, on the golden sand… The ocean manifests the mystery of its constantly renewed energy, the origin of which is hidden from us, the origin of the energy of life… We feel this energy, like a “current” which crosses us… that we can capture and put ourselves in tune, in harmony … My life is like a wave of the ocean, a space time, matter, light, light, living, temporal, in the Timeless …: the infinite …

I have wanted to put you in the bath, closer to the roll of the wave … guaranteed thrills, and also close to the beauty of the ocean … with a flash of light, turquoise, emerald, blue reflections … .just before diving.