Discover my latest abstracts!

I’m a French painter inspired by nature’s beauty
to make my colorful and living paintings.
I use acrylic, inks and watercolour, techniques that dry quickly to work in a dynamic movement!

Paintings on canvas or paper, customization of art furniture are my favourite.

I also have fun with pouring art and resin art!

Welcome into my universe!


Water Lilies
Bruissements charnels

Unique art furniture

Artist statement

To look… to feel…
to manifest my love of Nature, its strength, its orgasmic energy, that gives birth to, and expresses itself in an infinite variation of shapes,
flowers, light of the skies…
I feel a source, a Life pulse, ceaselessly renewed, always present, in me, and in all things alive : I admire the fragile flower, so determined, that grows on concrete, in spite of everything…
My “finite” painting opens to the Infinite.

If you are interested in my work or have any question,
I would be happy to hear from you!