Acrylic on linen canvas
73 x 100 cms

When I paint my female surfers
I am painting Everywoman, young or old, brave and powerful in their female beauty.
I aim to capture the power and vitality of their ageless femininity.
To express this universal timelessness
I paint like the Aborigines in their ancient style, portraying the Eternal and Sacred Woman in her joyful vitality.

The portrayal of a modern woman surfer in an ancestral Aboriginal style creates a time anomaly which I call “Surf Dreaming”.
The Aboriginal painting style with its countless number of dots transforms the material body, extending the finite surface into the infinite.
The image, with all its movement and energy, evokes a femininity both modern and timeless.

Because I hope to convey both speed and precision I use materials that dry quickly and force me to work fast : coloured and Indian inks, water colours and acrylics. I surf with the paints like a surfer expresses her talent in an exuberant instant on the face of a wave.

Like her I balance my skill, playfulness and movements in harmony with the medium in which we swim. We are both like dancers, combining ease and energy, solidity and sensuality.