Eclats d’écume 30

Acrylic on linen canvas
30 x 30 cm

I live by the Atlantic Ocean, I love to work my abstract paintings based on my observation of nature, to create matter effects such as : reflexions of the sun on water, wave foam, light effects… water effects…
For this small painting, I chose to use the “pouring” technique, full of adventure and surprises, that requires simultaneously good mastering and letting go, which I adore… This moment of suspense due to the encounter of liquid paints. I play with everything I can lay my hands on to create different effects, enhance this lively and joyous abstraction…

My challenge : to translate on a tiny surface : the sea… its power… its beauty… its movement… even if I love to make big waves on large canvases, this small painting is really delightful and can be combined with the other two of the same size into a tryptic. The matter effects are different.

The meaning I give to my art is to show the beauty of nature, its harmony, Life itself.